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Trophies and Awards

Author: Date:11/13/2015 5:23:26 AM
Trophies and Awards
Awards and trophies have been a popular tradition that has been followed over many centuries. Awards are considered an indicator of success. Generally, individuals with excellence are given awards to honor their achievements(achievement trophies). Award is a best tool to appreciate or honor someone. They can be used to honor people in various events such as academic ceremonies, spiritual recognitions(recognition awards), corporate events(corporate awards) and they can also be awarded as sports awards in sport events.
When awards are given to achievers it not only recognizes the victory of an individual or a team effort but also offer them to keep it as a record of the achievement and acts as a trademark for them. There is a famous song of ABBA "The winner takes it all, the loser standing small" this song summarizes that how during award ceremonies the lights of camera flashes and all eyes are set on the winner and the medal or award they carry. This is truly a great moment for which many people wait in their lives. It becomes the duty of everyone involved to give the winner his or her special moment.
There are different types of awards and trophy is one of the most commonly used as award. Other types of awards are plaques, cups, figurines, etc. Trophy is a symbol of victory, honor as well as respect for the talent. Normally, trophies are used in sports as awards and each sport has its own unique trophy. You must have seen trophies awarded in cricket, football, volleyball and badminton trophies etc.
Trophies and plaques can be given to all different types of people for all different types of reasons. Usually, these two awards symbolize hard work and dedication to some type of job, either by volunteering or being paid. Receiving either of these two award can give a player, employee or athlete self confidence needed to continue working hard at their jobs or at their sport. Rewarding adults or children for a job well done is one of the best ways to keep both working hard, while also giving them a sense of confidence that cannot be gained from anything else.
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