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Style Your Home With Decorative Candle Holders

Author: Date:9/7/2015 5:35:08 AM
Style Your Home With Decorative Candle Holders
The holidays are all about the rejoicing with friends and family over conversations, gifts and a dinner parties. Designing your home for the holidays is a yearly activity that involves decorating every area in your home. So, whether you go for a snowy white theme or an eclectic mix of vibrant colors, you are bound to create a brilliant ambience for your home. This year, incorporate a modern look in your design by opting for a modern holiday decor.
Playing with the different colors can help achieve a distinct look. For a Halloween, try a purple and silver combinations; use a velvet table runners and a ceramic candle holders to achieve a chic Gothic look. For Christmas, select a faux Christmas tree in silver or white and adorn it with a vintage objects and beautiful pine cones. You can also deck the tree with a colorful garland or light-up the entire tree in the strands of light.
Your modern holiday decor is not complete without an attractive wreath and stockings. Hang a felted ball wreath embellished with unique objects for a decorative look. An attractive wreath is sure to grab your guests' attention, so go ahead and accessorize it with colorful ornaments. Besides the wreath, another essential decorative accessory is the stocking. Hang these colorful stockings from the mantelpiece to complement your modern holiday decor.
Light-up your home with scented candles(scented candle jars) and create a warm and inviting ambience. Choose an assortment of candles placed within attractive candle holders to impart natural lighting throughout your home. Ceramic, wrought iron, and glass holders are popular styles of candle holders available today(like ceramic candle jars, ceramic candle containers, ceramic candle cups,ceramic candle vessels,ceramic candle lanterns). When you're looking for candle holders, remember to choose a holder that has a firm base and is strong enough to hold the candle or you can choose candle jars(candle containers, candle cups, candle vessels) with a nice decorating outside to decor and light up your house, you can also choose lantern candle holders(candle lanterns) to hang or place them in your house.
The placement of these candle holders is very important in creating the desired ambiance. Place two candles on both sides of a beautiful painting or in a small cluster on a console table for a beautiful effect. You can also place a series of candles within beautiful candleholders to brighten-up the dining area while you entertain your guests.