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Organizing an Office Award Ceremony

Author: Date:9/4/2015 10:17:55 PM
Organizing an Office Award Ceremony
When you think award ceremony, most people see cameras, lights, and action; especially since recent pop culture has re-defined celebrations created for recognition(recognition awards). Just about every industry hosts an event or multiple events to honor celebrities. Consider pop music. Several TV networks have their own rendition of saluting what they call the year's hottest talents, which usually consist of the same circuit of artists.
However, your workplace award ceremony can be grandiose in its own right. If you feel it is time to lift the office spirit and show appreciation(appreciation awards, appreciation trophies) for jobs well done, consider organizing an event to honor your employees for their contributions to your company. They'll feel like a celebrity when you present them with their very own corporate trophies(corporate awards).
No matter the size, create a budget for your company's big ceremony. To make it extra special, rent a space away from your office building or personal home to show your seriousness of gratitude. Factor in the cost of the actual awards, and possibly food and drinks as well. If your business is small and you do not have the money to rent a restaurant or auditorium, be creative with redesigning your office space for the occasion. Showing little effort to transform the environment may come off as insincere or cheap.
Depending on the size of your staff, you can hold the ceremony anywhere from a rec center room to a small cruise boat. If the ceremony will be in your work location, think of ways to make the ordinary atmosphere look more glamorous. Move furniture to create rows of seating facing a podium, and splash things with glittery inexpensive party items. If the staff is fewer than twenty people, a big hall will appear empty and silly. If the staff is at least 75 people, then go all out and rent a presentation room in a hotel or on the water. Maybe you would like the event to be intimate for the employees only, or give them the option to invite a plus one.
The actual handheld token of appreciation should fit the occasion and the action and person being recognized. Whether it is a donation to an employee's favorite charity or a custom made Trophy plaques, make sure the gift is individualized to the recipient. For some, a promotion, new job title, or larger office will do the trick. Be as creative as possible for your award.
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