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How to Make Sports Trophies

Author: Date:6/29/2015 8:16:58 AM
A trophy could range from a simple cup to an elaborate sculpture on a base. You can create a trophy by building 1 as an arts-and-crafts project or engrave a custom trophy made by a vendor.
Here it is some procedures of how to make sports trophies. Acturally it is about how to make a ceramic sports trophies.
1. Make a desgin or drawing by hands or 3D software.
Sports Trophies
2. Ask a mother mould maker to make mother moulds for the Sports trophies.
sports awards
The mould maker will sculpture the shape of it according to the drawings.
3. The production moulds maker will make a plaster production mould for casting workers to make the clay body.
trophies and awards
4. When the mould is dry enough, the casting worker will put the casting slip into the moulds to make the clay body shape.
trophy components
5. The clay body is rough and with some bump line, then the sponging workers will use sponge to make the surface of clay body smooth.
6. The glazing workers will glaze the smooth clay body
7. Firing, the firing stage is the key process. The loading workers will put the glazed items into the kiln, The items will be fired up to 1200 degree at least to make the surface of the items shiny and smooth.
award parts
8. When the kiln is cool down, then the items will be taken out from the kiln and sent to the coating factory. There, the coating machine will put silver coating and gold coating and other colors on to the finished ceramic items.
ceramic sports trophies
9. If necessary, the coating items will be paint with different colors.
ceramic trophy components
After all of these procedures, The finished sports awards  is ready for packing and send them to customers.
Some ceramic sports awards are not finished in one piece, some customers will request some trophy components and award parts, trophy stems to assemble their award items to make a combination of ceramic trophy components and other parts which made of other material, i.e. plastic, metal etc.
Since we have already known how to make sports trophies, then if you would like to know about why trophies are considered an important award, please klick this link to read more.