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Customize Your Candle Holders Into Something Beautiful

Author: Date:10/22/2015 7:52:43 AM
Customize Your Candle Holders Into Something Beautiful
One of the most precious gifts of nature is the beauty of little things that don't cost you the earth. One of such things is a gentle and dim glow of a candle spreading its sheen being mounted over a candle holder. Of course, the candle holders can range from very expensive to quite inexpensive ones, but again, you might then end up going to make compromise on the appearance if you choose the cheap candle holders. To still avail the financial advantage of the cheap candle holders(candle jars, candle containers, ceramic vessels) and to give your surroundings a gentle dim glow that illuminates your senses, you can give your cheap candle holders a new and unique appearance.
You can add that wow element to the cheap candle holders by customizing their appearance a bit with your own little bit of creativity. This won't cost you a lot but will return you a sensory pleasure you won't be able to get otherwise. For example, you can make use of the following items to embellish your cheap candle holders:
Beads: If you can stick a number of beads around a candle holder(candlestick holders, candle lanterns, lantern candle holders) or a chandelier that did not cost you a lot, you might be surprised to see the result and the beauty of the final product. Several types of plastic and glass beads available in the market that can be colored, transparent, or in various shapes. You can even pickup few beads from your old used ornaments to drape some of those beads around the candle holders
Paint: You can use paint and brush to add some lively colors to your cheap candle holders. These paints might be acrylic or the ones that use spray for painting. You can unleash your creativity to give rise to a candle holder which is completely different from its original form, and is simply stunning.
Flowers: If your candle holder has a shape similar to a vase, which most of the candle holders(ceramic candle holders, ceramic candle jars, ceramic candle containers) have, you can stick some real or fake flowers into the sides of them. You can also wrap them with little garlands that hang down from the edges of the candle holders. This will give your living area a natural look with vibrancy of the little flame on top.
Glass Paint: If you have some candle holders made of glass, you can paint them using glass paints. These glass paints are excellent and look very beautiful as they retain some of the transparency of the original glass surface while coloring the cheap candle holders to result in something you and everyone else will simply adore.