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Custom Engraved Trophies

Author: Date:2/17/2016 6:27:41 AM

Custom Engraved Trophies
When looking to add a personal touch to awards that you are planning to hand out, look no further than custom trophies. The key is customisation when you want unique and priceless award trophies. Online there are many custom trophy makers that can create the awards of your dream trophy - big or small.

Types of Custom Trophies

Previously mentioned, if you can create your trophy in your head, the designers out there can replicate your ideas. Custom trophy shops help you design the perfect awards for your team members as it is their business to design it, scholastic achievers, tournament winners, group participants, or whomever you have in mind.

Here are some examples:

1) Custom Trophy Belt Buckles

There are specific online websites where you can in fact build trophy buckles to your own specification.

Well, the internet makes it possible to design belt buckles with pictures, engravings, colours and more.

Plus, you can also pick which type of metals you want to use-gold, silver, bronze or pewter. The sky's the limit!

2) Football Trophies(sports trophies)

Design cups, mantelpieces, bobble heads or whatever you like online! For example, let's say you are a football coach hunting the internet for the best trophies for your winning team members. You can design awards in the shape of footballs. You can also choose if you want these awards to be made from materials such as resin, metal, enamel, plastic, or even sparkling crystal!

3) Baseball Trophies(sports awards)

Trophies and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly. No baseball season is whole without the awards ceremony. When you pick your custom baseball awards, for a Little League team as an example, keep in mind all of the players deserve trophies, not just the best players. Children are impressionable. You want to teach these young players that good sportsmanship and a love for the game are just as important as winning.

So, simply create a bunch of trophies using categories such as: 'Best Attitude', 'Most Improved', 'Best Sportsmanship', 'Fastest Runner', etc. Then, purchase small, inexpensive trophies to match the categories. And don't forget the engraving! That's very crucial, too. There are great sources online for memorable quotes you can use along with the date, player's name, team name and award type.

4) Scholastic Achievements Awards

If you are looking to reward students for their scholarly achievements, why not design customised medals for these special children to wear? Just imagine their faces beaming with pride as hang these engraved Medals of Honour around their necks!

Group Participants

Athletes are not the only ones worthy of trophies. If you belong to a group, think about handing out distinctive trophies to fellow members who have gone above and beyond. Trophies are symbols of success and supply a sense of accomplishment to those who receive them. Many people treasure these kinds of accolades forever.

So, when you decide on your custom made trophies, make sure your heart goes into their designs.
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