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Corporate Trophies And Plaques For Your Awards Ceremonies

Author: Date:9/3/2015 6:07:36 AM
Corporate Trophies And Plaques For Your Awards Ceremonies
In the world of corporate and businesses it is recommended that you reward and acknowledge each individual of the team for their hard work, achievements(achievement awards, appreciation awards, sports trophies, sports awards,corporate awards) and goals that they have reached. Business manager's have team leaders that provide their members with rewards. It ensures the staff that there is a target to reach and if you work hard you will be awarded for your efforts.
These awards are made open to all positions in the company. They can be put on figurines(trophy figurines),Trophy plaques, trophies or cups. There are various types of awards, they must impress the staff and need to have the company branding with the details of the reward on it. The companies that design the trophies and plaques are able to customize it with your business logo, details and the person's name that is going to be on it. They use a laser to engrave special designs to make sure your corporate trophies are accurate, modern and professional.
There are many places to get corporate trophy trophies and plaques however research is required to find one that is well priced, reliable and has good designers. Types of trophies are two handled cups, mugs, bowls and a statue relevant to the company. Most of the time trophies are kept traditional and been made from metal, wood, and metal bases. Recently they started making them with plastics and bases of marble and ceramic. They have added weight to the base to keep the tradition of the trophy. There are also trophies made of Ceramic, Like ceramic corporate awards,ceramic corporate trophies, ceramic sports trophies, and also there are mix material trophies which is mix by different kinds of trophy components(trophy parts, trophy risers, trophy stems) like ceramic trophy components(ceramic trophy risers, ceramic trophy stems, cearmic trophy parts) mix with metal trophy components or plastic etc.
Metal trophies and plaques are expensive and are great quality for corporate businesses. This process is the longest, the quantity is outstanding and it is heavier than the others. They last for several years if not centuries and are beautiful. The metals worth using are bronze or brass as they are higher quality than aluminium. The slab is cut and sculpted into the shape desired. Brass is then etched and engraved onto the slab with the chosen design. The glass is the most elegant of all as it is the most stylish and professional corporate type available.
They now have three dimensional designs in the glass trophies and plaques. They are the most expensive trophies on the market because you can see your company logo moving when you turn the trophy. It is the most incredible creation yet. You can even get a three dimensional picture of your employee into the glass or crystal.
These trophies and plaques are absolutely stunning. They are great gifts to give to worthy members of staff.