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Ceramic Candle Holders Candles And Holders For The Non-romantic

Author: Date:9/3/2015 5:55:06 AM
Ceramic Candle Holders Candles And Holders For The Non-romantic
Candles aren't the reason to re-think it, though: what you place the candle in is what it's all about. And think "in." You can use the usual candle holders that are really just bases to set a candle on . . . or you can step up the style and find Ceramic candle holders that you set a candle in, like long pillar candle holders, candle jars,candle containers, candle jars and containers, candle vessels, candle cups.
Imagine this: 
In your eclectic living room (never really left college, did you?) you set three really different candle holders together. Or three identically shaped candleholders in three contrasting colors or three different styles in identical colors (because you really are trying to act grown up).
Dining table – for the holiday centerpiece: use a beautiful footed floating candle bowls as the centerpiece. You can fill it with water and candles, or greenery, napkins, melon balls . . . .
How about Halloween fun? Candles in ceramic candle holders are the ideal way to add safety and an eerie lighting to your front door.
In that same spirit, they're wonderful upgrades to the sand-filled paper bags with candles. Use the bags to line your driveway and use candleholders for the porch, deck and entry.
Ugh, that [insert whatever room makes you groan] needs something. Think candleholders. Get one or two in an unusual design, like tall hurricane ceramic candle lanterns or rectangular colored ceramic. Find candleholders(ceramic candle jars, ceramic candle containers, ceramic candle lanterns, ceramic candle vessels, ceramic candle cups) in unique finishes like different patterns hand cutout, color glazed or different kinds of engravement and embossment. Use an eye-catching collection of colors, maybe deep moss green, sunshine yellow and burnt orange together.
So that's it: the best and easiest way to fool those romantics into thinking you're one of them. And then when you find yourself feeling romantic, well, you're ready to act like one!
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