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Candle Holders - Spreads Love And Light in Style

Author: Date:8/20/2015 6:16:11 AM
Candle Holders - Spreads Love And Light in Style
Candles are much more than just a solid blocks of wax with wicks. Apart from providing light, and sometimes heat, a candle symbolizes love, hope and brightness. A candle gives a sense of direction, warmth and binds people together. Candles are ideal for many occasions - they add extra glow to your home. They come in different shapes, sizes and aromas and can be used for several purposes.
When shopping for candles, it is equally important to know about this or stands. Apart from holding - which is its primary function - it is also used as a decorative element. this come in wide range of shapes, styles and materials.
History of candle holders:
This date back many centuries - there is evidence of this existed during 400 B.C., it was discovered by the archeologists. The use of candles and its significance is even mentioned in the Bible, through stories. Candles have been a source of light prior to the invention of electricity this were effectively used. Apart from their practical uses, candles holders are widely and significantly used in Churches during spiritual and religious ceremonies. Over the years, this are used more frequently for decorative purposes than for their functionality.
Types of candle holders:
Like mentioned earlier, available in a vast collection of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, ceramic candle holders, ceramic candle jars, ceramic candle containers, ceramic candle cups, ceramic candle vessels. While buying , you should keep in mind the type of candle that is going to be placed in the holder.
Candlesticks(ceramic candlestick holders): These are ideally designed for tapering candles and are the most popularly used this. Candlesticks have a built-in grip to hold the candle in place and to collect the wax that melts, to protect the surface on which the candle holder is placed. They are usually shaped like a pedestal.
Fitted candle holder:(ceramic fitted candle holders) As the name suggests, these this are designed to fit a specific size of candles. Fitted candle holders are made using many materials, such as metal or glass. Like candlesticks, even in fitted candle holders the wax that melts is collected within the candle holder without damaging the surface.
Lantern candle holders(i.e. ceramic lantern candle holders, ceramic candle lanterns): These candle holders are perfect to be used as decorative elements. Lantern holders are designed mixing the old charm with modern beauty and are ideal for special occasions. These holders are open at the top, to help circulate air and to keep the burning. Lantern holders are made of glass, metal or clay.
Open holders: As the name suggests, these holders are open on all sides. They are usually made of metal, and have curved edges to keep the intact.
How to select an ideal holder?
Material: While buying a holder, you should be clear about your requirements and needs. If you intend to use holders daily, durable materials like - clay, metal and glass are ideal. And, one of the most versatile types of holders is glass or crystal holders. They are available in different styles and look luxurious.
Size: holders are available in different sizes - based on your size you can choose an appropriate one. If your intention is to decorate your home, you can choose pretty-looking holders of any size.
Price: Depending on the size and material, the price of the candle holders vary. So choose the one that fits in your budget.