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[sports trophies]Types Of Trophies

Author: Date:7/10/2015 9:32:38 PM
Types Of Trophies
The primarily function of trophies is to distinguish the best in certain sporting events and academic achievements from average and poor performers. Hence, a trophy is a key element in the sporting and academic arenas. Many people consider winning a coveted trophy as the most important achievement in their sporting careers. This is because of the respect and reputation associated with many of the well known awards in the sporting world. For students and sportsmen alike, winning a trophy is the ultimate sign of victory and achievement. There are numerous types of awards based on the material they are made from and the reason why they are awarded.
Gold and silver are the two most coveted, prestigious and expensive materials used in the manufacture of trophies, there are also some other materials, i.e. ceramic sports trophies, ceramic sports awards, combination of different materials of trophy components or award parts. However, when it comes to reason, atrophy is a trophy. There are various reasons why a trophy is awarded. Types of sports determine the type of sports trophies to be given. In addition, manufacturers make them depending on the sport to be awarded for. This means that awards given to golfers are manufactured differently to those awarded to footballers. The one thing that distinguishes sports awards is the shapes and size. A golf trophy will have statuette of a golfer either in action or in striking a pose with a golf stick.
Academic trophies unlike their sporting counterparts are made using different designs that do not necessarily depict the subject being awarded on. Many of these awards are given in higher learning institutions such as universities. However, they are also predominant in some private secondary and primary school. Just like sports awards, the academic awards are giving to persons who have excelled in a certain academic field. To differentiate them, an academic trophy will have an inscription of the subject or field it is being awarded for on its base.
The main difference between academic and sports trophies is their recognition(recognition awards). Academic awards are restricted to the learning facilities where they are given. Hence, many people not associated with the learning institutions are not aware of their existence. Sporting awards on the other hand are usually global or continental. Thus are known globally. For example, the FIFA world cup is a trophy that is well known globally. Countries that have lifted the trophy for a number of times are regarded as the de facto soccer champions of the world. Other awards are known in a smaller scale such as the ceramic golf trophies awarded to winners of the US open and other golf tournaments.

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