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[sports awards]Trophies Offered To Athletes Have Changed Their Lives A Great Dea

Author: Date:8/6/2015 6:50:33 AM
Trophies Offered To Athletes Have Changed Their Lives A Great Dea
One of the most motivating and interesting games in the world is athletics. Considering the high rank that it has placed its participants, athletics now makes one of the richest individuals in the world. Because of athletics, many people from different parts of the world have come up from humble backgrounds to emerge as one of the richest and famous people in the world. Thus, the fame and respect that such people have gotten has been motivated by the trophies(sports trophies, sports awards) of high value that they are offered at the end of the race. The Sports trophies offered to athletes have been of different qualities considering the rank of winning.
The first winning athlete is usually offered a trophy made from gold. Gold is the most valuable metal and therefore offered to the first winner of the race. Thus, in such big games like Olympics, athletes are offered various metals. Usually, Achievement trophies made of gold are presented to the first winner and it's always accompanied by large sums of money that make up for the gold won. Therefore, such a winner gets more respect and fame in the society than any other winner in the race.
Second after gold are always silver Sports trophies. Such are always provided to the second winners who followed immediately after the winner. They are equally of a higher value but theirs is low as compared to that of gold. Such winners still gain fame and respect from the spectators and for those who have been winning, a good number of them have equally come from very humble family but their hard work in this sports have brought them this far. This trophy is equally not easy to win, especially at such times that competition is so stiff but the hard work of an individual is what counts in this case.
The third metal to be worn that is equally valued is a bronze. This kind of Sports awards may not be of high value as gold or silver but it also earns the owner a lot of money. Being that it is also recognized because the winner is presented the bronze in the presence of spectators. Trophies of bronze metal have also been a great contributing factor to the success of athletes. Most athletes earn their success gradually by first winning a bronze, silver and later a gold medal. What is important though is that its value is equally high and can earn the owner a lot of money from the organizations do the payment.
Nowndays, There are also quite a few other material sports trophies,sports awards, recognition awards and custom awards, such as ceramic sports trophies, ceramic sports awards, ceramic corporate awards. Now, the mix material sports trophies which consist of different kinds of trophy components, trophy parts, trophy stems,trophy risers are becoming popular, like plastick cups or metal cups work with ceramic trophy components, ceramic trophy stems, ceramic trophy parts, ceramic trophy risers and ceramic trophy base