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[candle jars & containers]Simple Candle Making

Author: Date:8/6/2015 6:23:14 AM
Simple Candle Making
Bring a little light into your life with a candle or two, there is nothing quite as satisfying as making something practical for your own use, and candle making epitomises that satisfaction.
Firstly, you will need a number of things to proceed:-
Candle makers' thermometer
Putty for the moulds
Scents and colour dyes
When you first start, you need to decide which type of wax you want to use. For a comprehensive report on the different types of wax, how they are made and when to use them, you can download my complimentary report at
Firstly you will want to keep the candle making area clean, so spread old newspaper around the area that you will be working in. Next, melt the wax, this needs to be double boiled, this is done by placing a large pot half filled with water on low - medium heat, put your wax melter in the water and gradually add pieces of your chosen wax to it, when the wax has all melted, you may add colouring and scent to the melted wax.
To make small container candles or votives, place a pre-tabbed wick in the centre of the candle containers or candle jars & containers(ceramic candle containers, ceramic candle jars, ceramic candle vessels) or votive mould, then simply pour the melted wax mixture in and let it stand for approximately 12 hours, then refrigerate for a further 12 hours.
To make moulded candles, firstly cut the wick two inches longer than the candle will be, thread it through the hole at the bottom of the mould then seal the hole with putty from the outside, place anything that will fit (a pencil will do the trick) over the top of the mould, and tie the wick to it to keep it in place. Depending on the mould that you are using, cardboard, glass, or plastic heat the wax to 130 degrees, if the mould is made of metal, heat the wax to 190 degrees. When the wax has reached the correct temp. slowly pour the melted wax into the mould. Let it stand for 12 hours then refrigerate for a further 12 hours then remove from mould.
It should also be noted that using the correct wick for your candle is very important, for information on Wicks you can download a further complimentary report at
The author has a website offering information on candle making and related subjects, to recieve a complimentary 15 page report on candle wax the different types and how they are made, go to or for a further report on candle wicks go to