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[candle containers]Create a Stunning Setting With Tea Light Candle Sets

Author: Date:10/16/2015 6:44:08 AM
Create a Stunning Setting With Tea Light Candle Sets
If you're looking to use unforgettable candle displays to give a magical touch to any evening, tea light candle sets are your perfect bet. Whether it is Christmas Eve, Valentines Day or even a summer block party, these candles will provide the perfect festive, versatile and colorful touch to brighten up proceedings.
What are Tea light Candles?
A tea light candle is a small candle that comes in a metal casing containing the wax. A tea light candle is burned inside a holder and is used for various purposes. A tea light contains white wax which is molded to fit inside the round shape of a small metal cup. The candle's wick is most often anchored to the base of the cup or else when the candle burns and the wax melts into a liquid, there is a possibility that the wick would float up through liquefied wax. Depending on their size and quality, tea light candle sets can burn for a period of 3 to 5 hours.
The Uses of Tea light Candles
These candle sets are great when use in food services. They help to keep food warm when placed under food trays. They are also used to gently warm scented oils and help to diffuse the warm aromas through the air. While a single candle gives off a good amount of heat and light, this effect can be amplified when candle sets are used together.
Tea lights are popular as holiday decorations. The  choice of tea lights is easy because they can be placed anywhere and you don't have to worry about wax melting and damaging surfaces.
Sometimes, tea light candle sets are placed in weighted bags and are then known as luminarias.
They are often used in ceremonies.
Citronella tea lights are normally used as a natural repellant against mosquitoes. Tea light Holders(candle containers, candle jars, candle vessels, candle cups, candle lanterns)
Tea light holders come in different sizes and shapes. While some are small and used to protect the surrounding areas from the candle's heat, you will also find larger ones which can be accommodated on candle racks. Ceramics, metals and glass are the common choices for materials used in tea light holders(ceramic candle jars, ceramic candle containers).
Because tea light candles make a stunning presentation, it makes sense to buy bulk candles for quick decoration. When you want to buy bulk candles, you should go online where you will find some great discounts. Whatever your occasion is, tea lights are sure to light up the event.